Everything About Coddy


What Is Coddy?

Coddy is an All In One E-Learning platform focused on teaching code in a practice-driven way. We are changing the way you learn code. We believe that theory is not enough, in order to really become a better programmer you must practice coding. Coddy delivers a way to learn code with practice integrated and first in mind.



How It Works?

Choose Course

Whether you are an expert or a beginner we got you covered, we have courses for everyone, find the right one for you!

Read Lesson

Each lesson designed carefully and focused on a specific section, read and remember the details.

Solve Challenge

Challenge what you just learned, practice with integrated compiler and improve your coding.

Complete Course

Complete all the lessons and challenges in order to complete the course, find your next course!



Why Coddy?

Bite Size Lessons

Hand Written Challenges

Integrated Compiler

Comprehensive Courses


What Kind Of Courses Are In Coddy?

Language Fundamentals

Learn the basics of Programming Languages and master them by practice!

Coding Techniques

Design patterns, Clean Code and other basic to advanced coding techniques in detail

Topics In Depth

Language Libraries, Advanced topics and more in depth and practice first


Create projects from zero to hero instructed by lessons step after step


Pure challenges - Interviews focused, Subject focused and more…

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So What Are You Waiting For?

As we say in Coddy - “Code makes perfect”. We put all our effort into this, with us you can make the best out of your code learning experience and become the next expert in your chosen topic!