Our Mission

Elevating code learning to a daily hobby.

Our Vision


We believe in learning to code through practice. Our method includes practical exercises in everything we teach. With our integrated compiler, you can practice coding online without any downloads.

Unlimited Content

Coddy delivers boundless content through collaboration with 3rd party creators and cutting-edge Generative AI technology.


We turn coding into a fun game-like experience. Our method breaks down complex concepts into easy-to-learn lessons. We add excitement with scoring, streak tracking, leaderboards, and more interactive features.


We tailor the learning journey by understanding your existing knowledge. Our platform suggests courses and creates custom content to meet your unique learning needs.

AI Enhanced

We're leading code learning innovation with the industry's first personal AI assistant. Our platform uses AI to create endless customized content. This marks a new era in code learning, making it simpler and more effective.

Our Team

We are a small team building something big!

Nethanel Bar

Barak Glanz

Kevin Spektor