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Start with tailored courses for beginners, from fundamentals into in-depth beginner topics, practice real coding online without downloading anything.


Modern JavaScript for Beginners

Do you want to learn modern JavaScript in a fun, interactive and immersive way? You've come to the right place! By taking this course you will go from a complete beginner to someone ready to learn web development!

52 Lessons

33 Challenges


Recursion Challenges - Master The Recursive Thinking

Recursion is an important concept in computer science and a very powerful tool in writing algorithms, In this course you will use recursion to solve challenges from beginner to advanced. In the end you will ace this topic.

15 Lessons

15 Challenges


Beginner Challenges - Practice Basic Concepts

Put your beginner coding knowledge to test and try to solve this programming challenges, use any language you want, Happy Coding!

20 Lessons

20 Challenges


Calculator project using Python

In this course you will create full working console calculator with python, step by step but also without giving you the code. In the end you will have your own code!

29 Lessons

26 Challenges


Bubble Sort

Everything About Bubble Sort

11 Lessons

10 Challenges


OOP in Python

Learn Object Oriented Programming with Python

24 Lessons

22 Challenges


Python - List

In this course we will learn about the 'LIST' in python

28 Lessons

24 Challenges


Arrays in C++

In this course we are going to discuss about arrays in C++. Happy Coding !

26 Lessons

20 Challenges


Introduction To Python Programming Language

A beginners guide to the Python programming language with a focus on hands on exercises

51 Lessons

37 Challenges


C++ - Beginner to Intermediate

Learn the basics of programming and computational thinking using the C++ language. Designed for people who don't have any knowledge about coding and want to learn to code.

48 Lessons

41 Challenges


C++ for Beginners

This course will introduce you to C++ programming language with basic topics as variables, decision making, loops, functions and more.

39 Lessons

33 Challenges


Python Fundamentals

In this course you will learn the fundamentals of Python programming language, with practice and real coding integrated in each step. Happy Coding!

44 Lessons

40 Challenges