Coddy Team

Jan 29, 2022

4 Challenges of Learning to Code

4 Challenges of Learning to Code - image

You could learn coding for many reasons. You could start because you want to build an application by yourself, you are interested in the complexity of syntaxes, or you think it is a profitable career to have in the modern age. Regardless of the reason, continuing your struggle to learn and maintaining grit for this goal can be challenging. Knowing these challenges can be important in identifying them as obstacles to your coding journey and then fixing them for a better and more focused future.

1. Confused about what to learn

As a programmer, it can be challenging to know what exactly you want to learn, how to learn, and where to start. If you begin by googling the answers to your questions, you will land a confusing roadmap that will be of no use if you do not know which field interests you the most. If you want to learn how to code for iOS applications, what will be the use of learning JavaScript? Situations like these can be a hurdle in your coding career because the confusion will demotivate or frustrate you. Knowing your interest is the solution to this problem. Break down your interests and start from the basics. If website programming is your goal, begin by learning HTTP and DNS.

2. Less focus on problem-solving skills

After knowing your interests and figuring out where to start your learning can be challenging to know what to focus on while coding. Often programmers focus solely on syntax and the technicalities of the code and less on how to solve a problem in real life. It can also be described as a prominent gap between theory and practicality. Knowing your syntax and commands is one thing; applying them to solve problems in a unique and thought-provoking way is another. It is a smart choice to focus on the thought process behind drafting codes instead of paying attention solely to the way they are structured and executed.

3. Unaware of ways to debug your code

Connected to the last challenge is the inability to debug your code. Bugs can prove to be an obstacle for experienced programmers and beginners alike. Debugging refers to recognizing and fixing the problem in your code or solution. Finding the bug requires you to follow some steps and patterns that require patience and a thorough understanding of the language you are coding. It is vital to develop debugging skills to overcome this challenge and become a better programmer.

4. Lack of practice

Whichever field you go to, you will see that everyone starts as a beginner. The road from the starting point to a professional level is full of challenges. Every solution to these challenges stems from one common ground: practice. If you choose to practice your coding skills, it can be challenging because it requires consistency and determination not to give up. Practice includes writing syntax, learning commands, finding the quickest way to reach a solution, and debugging your incomplete code.