Coddy Team

Jan 29, 2022

Coding will help you to achieve your dream job

Coding will help you to achieve your dream job - image

The reality is that we live in a world of connections, and we teach this to our students every day. Regardless of what major of studies they choose, we teach them the concepts of prerequisites and subject combinations in order to make their careers bloom. However, there is one field of academia that can be combined with every career you choose. It is coding. Whether you choose to be a doctor, engineer, artist, writer, lawyer, or analyst, coding will aid you in your career and help you land your dream job. Here are five reasons why:

1. It enhances your problem-solving skills.

No employer wants to hire a person who does not know how to solve problems. Coding can help you solve problems in direct and indirect ways. If you work in HR and want to send a customized holiday message to each person in your office but also do not want to waste time sending it separately for each person, having basic knowledge of coding and its software will save a lot of time for you and impress your boss as well. Programming also trains your brain to look at situations differently and uniquely, enabling you to learn how to solve everyday problems. For example, analyzing routes and finding the shortest way to the hospital from your home is a fairly easy task to do if your brain is programmed to think abstractly and can handle pressure.

2. It builds logic

Logic refers to assessing statements by understanding their validity and thought process. It is vital in medicine and data analysis because it helps you analyze situations accurately. Coding enhances this skill because it requires you to break down a complex problem and solve multiple parts of it one by one. Connecting different parts of a code and applying it to a real-life problem develops a logical way of progressing through a solution. The debugging process is also helpful because you are forced to walk through your thought process repeatedly until you find the mistake in your code and fix it. This also builds resilience in you because even though it can be frustrating to run into the same problem each time, you learn to stay committed to finding a solution.

3. It teaches you project planning.

Every employer seeks this skill in the people they hire. Planning a project can be an event like an office party, a gathering of company shareholders, or the company's jubilee celebration. It can also refer to planning your tasks and jobs at your workplace. A coder learns the art of project planning the most through project-based learning. Building an application or a game, for example, is a long task that requires work and focus—it cannot happen in one day. Being able to plan your project in a way that gives you sufficient time to debug it and meet the deadline is challenging to do. Coders envision their project abstractly before beginning by deciding on the language, coding syntax, and output.