Coddy Team

Jan 29, 2022

How programming changed my life

How programming changed my life - image

Programming is an integral part of a Computer Science student. Some of us study programming to get through the courses or get the required grades. But for some of us, it opens up horizons and paths in our mind we did not even know existed. Programming is a skill and a way to open up problem-solving ideas and critical thinking skills for yourself. That is because there are always one or more ways to solve a problem. These ways can be better or more optimal, and their variety and quality increase as your skills enhance and grow more.

I started programming with C++. It was a bit scary at first because C++ has a relatively difficult syntax, and it takes time to understand the different ways to go about it. Nevertheless, I did not let it faze me one bit. Instead, I pushed harder and learned more techniques like Object Oriented Programming and Data Structures and Algorithms, which made me more comfortable with it. Since I started with C++, learning Python was comparatively very easy because C++ builds up a good foundation to learn the rest of the languages. It was particularly easy for Python because its syntax is very easy.

Programming was more than just a bust to get a good grade as a student. It was a way to prove that I could do better, explore more fields, and better my problem-solving skills. Once you get into programming, you don't stop until you achieve the best you can be. You don't stop until you solve a problem optimally or know that you cannot develop a better solution for a problem. So, in a way, programming gave me the drive and motivation to push myself to my limits and get the best out of myself. It instilled values inside me that can roughly boil down to a single attribute: grit. It made me realize that I need to keep going until I get to the optimal version, no matter what happens. Sure, it did instill practical skills in me as well—I learned programming languages and techniques, which are considered valuable in the field and will grant me a very stable career in the future. Yet, these monetary benefits are nothing compared to the drives and push coding created in me. The motivation forced me to be the best in the field of coding or programming and each aspect of my life.

Learning to code also enabled me to develop key skills like time management and work-life balance. Since coding requires you to find a solution in less time, it teaches you to focus well and get work done on its time. It is always a good idea for knowledge and growth to instill motivations and pushes inside you to always strive for better. Unless you do not strive for better, you will not stand a chance. Programming changed my life because it drilled these core values and ambitions, and I have been striving for greatness ever since. Upwards and onwards it is.