Coddy Team

May 21, 2024

Rebranding Coddy: Introducing Bit, Our New Mascot

Rebranding Coddy: Introducing Bit, Our New Mascot - image

From the very beginning, our mission with Coddy was to create the most powerful and fun way to learn coding online, transforming code learning into a daily hobby that everyone can enjoy.

In recent months, we've focused on enhancing the fun aspect of Coddy. We've introduced leaderboards, weekly goals, and many more addictive features to make learning to code even more enjoyable.

As part of these improvements, we created a friendly and cute mascot to embody the fun and engaging spirit of our platform.

Meet Bit!

Bit, our new mascot, is a charming creature that's half robot and half ant. The robotic elements represent the innovation we strive for at Coddy, while the ant symbolizes the dedication and hard work required to make coding a daily hobby.

Bit is also taking over our beloved logo, becoming the new face of our brand. 😉

What's next?

Over time, Bit will learn to move his tentacles and robotic hands, fly around, and maybe even levitate objects. He will become an integral part of your learning journey, supporting you through both the challenges and triumphs. Bit is here to ensure that coding becomes a fun daily hobby for you. Who knows, he might even make some new friends along the way...