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Jan 29, 2022

Top 3 programming languages in 2022

Top 3 programming languages in 2022 - image

Suppose you are a professional programmer trying to become an expert in one of the languages you are fluent in or are a young student seeing which languages can give you the best career. In that case, it is important to know the coding market. The market, riddled with highs and lows, has some languages that are in high demand while some which are hardly used. To make your career successful, you must select the language with many job offerings. Here is a list of the top 3 programming languages that you can excel at in 2022:

1. Javascript

Javascript, also known as HTML programming, is probably the most popular programming language today. It is easy to learn and very profitable. This is because Javascript is one of the two languages which form the base of building websites. It was initially known as LiveScript and is often confused with Java, even though both are separate languages. It is ideal for beginners and intermediate as it is a high-level language, and there are no prerequisite skills to learn this language except HTML and CSS. Javascript decreases the demand on the website server and runs instantly on the client-side browser. Since it is a scripting language, it is text-based and written in an HTML document. The annual salary that a Javascript programmer can expect to earn is from $111,000 to $112,000.

2. PHP

The highlight of this language is probably the fact that the world’s most famous websites like Yahoo and Facebook were built using it. More than 75% of the websites on the internet use PHP. You can learn this language by joining one of the interactive PHP learning communities online in which solutions to your problems are instantly given. PHP is used for server-side web creation and is fairly easy to debug. It is easy to develop, cost-effective, flexible, and its database connectivity and can be integrated with different tools. You require no prior skills to learn this language; simple programming basics can suffice. The annual salary a PHP programmer can expect to earn is from $80,000 to $90,000.

3. C and C++

C is one of the oldest programming languages in the field of computer science and C++, one of the most popular languages in the world today, is the enhanced version of it. CyberCoders preferred C++ the most over all other programming languages in 2013. C++ comprises features of the high-level and low-level languages both and it is mainly used by those who are in the field of mechanical engineering. This is because C++ interfaces are used by most of the CAD applications and in areas like robotics and automation. These languages are ideal for beginners and intermediates who develop applications with a sharp focus on performance like Adobe and Firefox. Interestingly, almost all Adobe applications are built using this programming languagel. The annual salary a C/C++ programmer can expect to earn is $76,000.