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30 Days of Logic Building in C++

In this course, you will gain consistency and build logic in problem solving with the C++ language.

31 Lessons

30 Challenges

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Knowledge in C++



1st Milestone

1. Calculate Average

2. Factorial Iterative

3. Check Armstrong Number

4. Count Consonants

5. Square Root

6. Reverse an Array

7. Check Leap Year

8. Find Minimum Element

9. Calculate LCM

10. Check Perfect Number

2nd Milestone

11. Common Elements

12. Calculate Exponent

13. Calculate Simple Interest

14. Check Armstrong Range

15. Check Pangram

16. Remove Element from Array

17. Check Perfect Square

18. Remove Whitespace

19. Calculate BMI

20. Check Prime Factors

3rd Milestone

21. Compound Interest

22. Check Binary Palindrome

23. Nth Prime Number

24. Calculate Perimeter

25. Check Strong Number

26. Check Disarium Number

27. Second Largest Element

28. Sum of Primes till Nth

29. Longest Increasing Sub

30. Median of an Array