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30 Days of Logic Building in Javascript

In this course, you will learn consistency and easy-to-medium-level JS questions that will help you practice your JS knowledge.

31 Lessons

30 Challenges

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Knowledge of Basic Javascript

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What is here for you?

1st Mile Stone

1. Reverse a String

2. Palindrome Check

3. Longest Word

4. Factorial

5. Fibonacci Sequence

6. Remove Duplicates

7. Count Vowels

8. Missing Number

9. Case a Sentence

10. Check Anagrams

2nd Mile Stone

11. Reverse Words in String

12. Maximum Element

13. Prime Number

14. Merge Sorted Array

15. Palindromic Substrings

16. Calculate Power

17. Rotate Array

18. Intersection of Arrays

19. Fibonacci iteratively

20. Median of Two Sorted Array

3rd Mile Stone

21. Calculate GCD

22. Fizz Buzz

23. Two Sum

24. Validate Email

25. Occurrences of Each Char

26. Count Words

27. Reverse an Integer

28. Subarray Sum Equals K

29. Largest Rectangle in Histo

30. Count And Say