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Introduction To Python Programming Language

A beginners guide to the Python programming language with a focus on hands on exercises

51 Lessons

37 Challenges


No prior experience required

A passion to learn

A computer and internet connection is required

Patience and willingness to grasp the concepts on an intellectual level

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Introduction to Programming

What is Programming?

Introduction to Python

What is Python?

Why Use Python?

Data Types in Python

What are Data Types?

Text in Python: Strings

Numbers in Python: Integers

Decimals in Python: Floats

Boolean in Python: True/False

Boolean False: Exercise

Printing to The Terminal

The print() Keyword

print() Function Exercise 1

print() Function Exercise 2

Variables in Python

What is A Variable?

Variable Creation

Variable Creation Exercises

Operators in Python

What Are Operators?

Arithmetic Operators

Arithmetic Operators Exercise

Comparison Operators

Comparison Operators Exercise

Logical Operators

Logical Operators Exercise

Assignment Operators

Comments in Python

What Are Comments?

Single Line Comments

Multi Line Comments

Obtaining User Input

The input() Function

Casting / Type-Casting

Constraints on User Input

Type Casting

Limitations of Type Casting

Decision Making

What is Decision Making?

If Statement

If-Else Statement

If-Else Statement Exercise

If-Elif-Else Ladder

If-Elif-Else Ladder Exercise

For Loop

While Loop


What Are functions?

Types of functions

Creating functions

Creating Functions Exercise

Function Arguments

Function Arguments Exercise


What Are Modules?

Importing Modules

Importing Modules Exercise

Bonus: Using Modules

OS module

OS Module Exercise

Random module


Course Completion