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Python - List

In this course we will learn about the 'LIST' in python

28 Lessons

24 Challenges


No prior knowledge required.

Access to proper internet connection and a computer.

Create Python List

Introduction To Python List

Create List & Check Data Type

Add Heterogeneous Elements

Add Duplicate Elements

Access List

Introduction To Index In List

Positive & Negative Index

By count() Method

By len() Method

Modify List Elements

Change List Elements By Index

List Membership Operator Test

'in' & 'not in' operator

Slicing List Elements

Slicing In Python

Special Slicing Range Of Index

Add Elements In List

By append() method

By extend() method

By insert() method

Join Lists

By '+' Operator

Delete List Elements

By remove() method

By pop() method

By clear() method

By 'del' keyword

Sort List

By sort() method

By reverse() method

Loop Through A List

For Loop

While Loop

Copy List

Copy List In Python - Intro

Shallow Copy - copy() method

Deep Copy - deepcopy() method

List Comprehension

Create List By Comprehension