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Star Pattern Bootcamp

Put your programming problem solving skills to learn how to print star patterns range from simple to complex, involving different levels of nested loops, conditional statements, and mathematical calculations.

30 Lessons

28 Challenges


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Instructions to follow

Beginner Level Pattern's

Row of stars

Column of stars

Solid square of stars

Right-angle triangle

Left-angle triangle

Inverted right-angle triangle

Inverted left-angle triangle

Rhombus Pattern

Intermediate Level Pattern's

Pyramid of stars

Inverted Pyramid

Diamond Pattern

Right Direction Arrow

Left Direction Arrow

Plus Pattern

X Pattern

Advanced Level Pattern's

Upper Butterfly Pattern

Lower Butterfly Pattern

Full Butterfly Pattern

Inverted Butterfly Pattern

Sand glass pattern

Heart Pattern

Hollow Pattern's

Hollow Square

Hollow Full Pyramid

Hollow Inverted Full Pyramid

Hollow Arrow Pyramid Upward

Hollow Arrow Pyramid Downward

Hollow Diamond Pattern

Hollow Sand glass Pattern